Perforce sometimes skips plugin files to submit


I’m facing weird issue. I am assuming it’s a bug, that needs to be addressed.


(check the attached image for better understanding… )

Perforce is submitting files properly , that are checked out in main CONTENT folder, but the issue is that, it sometimes skip the files that are checked out in the plugin Folder named Episode1 Content .

keep in mind , this weird issue happens sometimes only , not always.

The workaround we are using to submit these files is to goto the folder again, then it’l take a sec to refresh the file status (source control status i.e: checked out / marked for add) then on submitting the files , it’ll appear in the list, and submit properly, as it is intended to do so.

I think, its kind of some cache/temp file, that keep records of all checkout file, but it is somehow missing the reference of plugin folder stuff. (imo)


I’ve attached the ignore file of perforce as well, have a look at it too. I don’t think that its blocking anything like that…
but I’m not sure about that , so please do check.

If you have any clue, how to fix it, kindly let me know.