perforce refresh times in editor

Not sure where to post this, but it is blueprint related. I’ve been setting up perforce for use in UE4 and ran into an interesting situation. It is mostly working but when someone checks something out or in, it’s not really propagated quickly to the other users. Imagine this scenario:

Two computers A and B
A checks out a blueprint for editing
on B’s computer at this point there is no icon indicating this. if the user switches folders and comes back still no icon.
Force the P4V (visual client) to refresh manually (normally set to 5 minutes)
B’s computer still doesn’t see the change.
At some arbitrary point later on (around the 10 minute mark, but I don’t know exactly) switching folders will suddenly show the blueprint checked out.

This also happens with check in.

if you manually click a blueprint and tell it to refresh it will get the new status immediately. But you’d have to know someone else is using it first.

Reducing the perforce server data check from 5 to 1 minute didn’t change anything. forcing a manual refresh doesn’t seem to effect the engine at all.

Does anyone know where the setting is that governs this invisible timer? I tried it once a minute for the first 4-5 minutes then took a break and tried it again at around the 10 minute mark before it would show up. So I don’t know exactly how long the timer is, somewhere between 6-11 minutes. I can’t find anything in the unreal source control settings that look like a refresh time.