Perforce question

Using Perforce version control for our project. While submit (uploading) umap file aprox 10-15 mb of size to Perforce server have this message: Operation is taking a long time to complete.

How i can to fix this? Future maps will be around 90-130 mb of size.

You can split your level into sublevels. We do that for almost every single room. The advantage of that is that only the part of the level is checked out that you’re actually working on. And you will have a much smaller file size for each sublevel.

By splitting your level into sublevels you can also make use of Level Streaming to increase performance.

P4 is slow, especially in a large project. Make sure there is no data bottleneck between computers, have ample bandwidth, install the Server on the fastest SSD you can afford, install your local project on an SSD. Not all SSDs are made equal, some are pretty slow. Mine is an M2 installed on PCI-Express, so it’s pretty fast.

I have used Digital Ocean cloud server (virtual server) for Perforce and team working with project. But seems problem not with low speed ssd, 9mb of data not so heavy load for processing. My output bandwidth about 12mbit.