Perforce Problem: Working synchronous on one Project


After implementing Perforce in our UE4 Project, i am trying to figure out how two people can work on one Project at the same time, without creating any conflicts in Perforce. I am able to submit changed Files and so is my colleague. But when i try to get the latest Revision of a File that my friend changed on his computer, Perforce reports an error, as it tried to rename this file 10 times and ailed. This only happens if i try to get the latest revision while the Unreal Editor is also opened on my Computer. When i shut it down and try to get the revision, it works fine. Which means that the Unreal Editor locks this File, while the Editor is open. Is there a way that i can get the latest version of the server while the UE4 Editor is opened? If anyone knows anything, please help me!

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s because the file is loaded in engine.
Either sync in engine (which will unload the files before syncing) or shut off the engine before you do so in P4V.

Set up your project’s source control first, it’s in the toolbar, right next to save.