Perforce performance Problems

Our project grown a lot in the last month. So we have a lot of files in our perforce depot. In the last time we have performance problems in our whole team.

Problem #1:

P4VS Plugin loads up to 5 Minutes when opening the solution in Visual Studio. I’ve activated the log file and seen the command

fstat -Olhp -m 100000 <Path to project root>\...

When I start this command at the command promt I get 39.5MB of data from the server because there are listet all files that are in the folder. I think the problem is that the solution file is in the main folder of the project. Is there any workaround for this issue?

Problem #2:

Similar problems we have in the UE4 Editor. When clicking at save of any file sometimes the editor waits a minute until the file can be checked out. The check out itself is very fast.
Our P4 Server seems to work fine and is not under load. Althrough in P4V the operations are fast.

I’ve found a workaround for problem #1. You can enable “Lazy load file state” in Visual Studio (Options → Source Control → Perforce - Data Retrieval)
The file state aren’t refreshed but it works fine.