Perforce over LAN questions

Hi all.

Sorry if this is the wrong or not best place to post this.

I’ve recently got Perforce set up for a LAN where the Server is on a network machine and two workstations have the P4V client installed, we can log in, create workspaces and configure source control for a project, however there’s really not that much clear documentation or videos I can find on actually using it across networks.

I’ve never seen it in use before so I’m not sure what to expect from it, I’ve been given the idea that two people can have a project open, check out assets or levels, edit them and check them back in all “on the fly” so the other user will see these update or know as and when something is checked out.

Am I wrong? as at the moment we can seem to make our changes, check them in and all but not see any updates till we restart our project.

It’d be a great help if anyone could provide a UE4 centrist guide to Perforce use with multiple people or even give a simple overview of what to do to check out, change, save, check in and display the changes over both workstations.

Please feel free to ask questions as I know I might not have explained in much clarity.

Many thanks.

When using Perforce, you won’t get notified about new checkins by default. People typically just sync to latest code/content at points throughout the day to get latest of everything. If there’s something that you are waiting on updates for, you can ask the person who has the file checked out to notify you when they check it in.
You can use Perforce Triggers to run user written scripts that can do something like send an email, but these are not trivial to set up.