Perforce not submitting some files

good morning

I’ve been trying to figure out this problem all night

I can submit small files to my server through perforce (files that are 20kb and below), but when I try to submit anything larger, a few seconds pass by and i get an error that pops up which says " Unable to connect to the server as ‘Mike’, Try reconnecting to the server?" – there are two options - “Reconnect” and “Close P4V”

if I choose Reconnect, a few seconds pass by and the error pops up again. If I choose “Close P4V” I get this error: TCP send failed. write: socket: WSAECONNRESET

I have port forwarding set up for 1666 and firewalls allow traffic for 1666, I’ve even tried disabling them entirely

I hope someone might have some ideas on what might be causing this problem

thanks for any help

I think you’ll have better luck in the Perforce forums:

Thanks, I posted over there too

I’ve been killing myself over this, just hoping someone might have seen this issue before

so, after trying what seemed like everything, all i had to do was uninstall/reinstall the p4v client :confused: