[Perforce integration] Enhancements to the UE plug-in


Could you please enhance the current perforce integration with the following proposals?

  • When submitting in the editor could you please set a progress bar like? When you have long submit for MAP it can take multiple minutes to upload. In our case our perforce server is online on the web, so we are dependant of our internet connection. In the Perforce client, there is a progress bar and most of us are using the client instead of staying in the UE Editor jsut because of this
  • Perforce Connection is set to stay open for X minutes/Hours then the connection is dropped. In UE Editor, the Source Control icon stay Green but you start to have error/warning in the logs when you want to do a check-out. But it’s clearly not user friendly. If the connection is dropped, could you please open the source control window on the next operation that need it so we can set our password and continue smoothly.
  • Can you make the password box visible by default on the Source Control window?
  • On the submit panel, could you please make the Comment area bigger & multiline? If you want to set an appropriate comment, it’s not user friendly on the current interface.