Perforce, how to use correctly?

Hello all, a friend and I are having quite the issue with Perforce.

I am currently hosting it on my local machine and we have worked it out and he’s able to connect both from the Perforce client and within the UE4 editor. But now, we are unable to sync our files together. If we import a texture into our texture folder and mark the file as “marked in” the file will not be uploaded.

When creating a workspace, are we supposed to use our Unreal Project directory and use the same directory?

see pic for example:

I have also searched around for, around 4~ hours now and I cannot get any basic information about this. The only thing people talk about is setting up perforce but nothing after that. If anyone can reply, it will be much appreciated.

The usual workflow is (in editor or in P4 itself) Mark file for add, then submit it. Your friend then has to do a “get latest” in Perforce for new files or in the editor for existing but modified files.

And yes, you have to use a directory that is somewhere in your unreal development environment. My workspace root looks like this: D:\dev… In there I have a folder for the project I am working on, called “Projectname”, with all the Unreal project files being in “Projectname”, like the .uproject file and the Content folder.

echelon said it all. perhaps also try to force sync your folders.
right click the folder “get revision” check “force operation” and then get revision.
so even when your colleague made new folders with new files, those will then be created.
also accidentally deleted files on your project directory will then be recopied to your project.