Perforce and Unreal, Recompile every time someone submits?

Hello everyone,

So I am using UE4 4.14 from source which works great. I have a custom C++ project I am working on. I have set up an ignore files to ignore stuff like build and intermediate folders, but every time someone submits the code to the perforce server. If someone else clicks “get latest” They have to recompile the project rather than just opening it. Is there a way to make it so you do not have to recompile it every time someone submits the project? I figured just making it ignore everything but content folders was enough but it has to be recompiled every time.

Any thoughts?

Was wondering if anybody could help answer this please, ive got a similar problem and couldnt find any answers so far. Im running perforce with my buddy. Each time I update code, he also needs to compile. I was hoping there’s a solution so he doesnt have to compile each time I submit.
i add the projects binary files and uproject file on each submit, however that doesnt seem to work. What other files should be submitted exactly (besides the binaries, uproject and cpp / h files)? Or does he need certain (project) settings or other steps to be taken?

Thank you in advance!!

Well, are you sure you’re adding all of the binaries? We use custom install builds so we only have to worry about the bins for our project as well as any plugins local to the project. If you’re compiling against the full source you have to worry about any .bin that might have changed. Assuming you’re using P4 you can just reconcile offline work to see what might be missing. Of course you can leave your bins as exclusive checkout and that would make sure you have to check them out.

Hi Joe
thanks for your reply. Im currently only adding the .dll and .pdb files from the binaries folders (from project root binaries\win64 and plugins\xxx\binaries\win64) together with the uproject file.
Not compiling the engine from source, only the project itself. You mention .bin files, although I can only find temporary .bin files in the intermediate folder, I guess I don’t have to add those??