perforce and setting up for team use

So my team and I have been trying to figure out what we are doing wrong with setting up / configuring our perforce for team use.

I went in created a workspace, loaded everything up to the depot, and in the p4 client my other teams can see the workspace and the depot, but when they try to connect it fails connection. I can on my machine access and use the source control no problems. Just other team mates who are remote are unable to do so.

Thoughts? Did I set up the workspace wrong, is there a special way the project needs created, some special access issue?


Can they see the files in the depot? If yes that generally means the connection is working.
If not then make sure you set up the user names and permissions properly in p4admin.

If they can connect and see the files in the depot then make sure they create their own workspaces as the workspace is local to their machine.

You (or your team mates) are not very precise in describing your problem, making it difficult to help. What are they doing and what/where does it fail? When they launch P4V and enter the server address, can they click the Browse button to list all the users for your server?

If they can’t, you need to fix your permissions and allow unauthenticated users to have the list permission.

If they can list the users, do they see their user names or can they create a new user?

If they can log in successfully, can they create a workspace?

Maybe you have a wrong understanding of the P4 terminology. A workspace is usually bound to a user. The workspace that you set up, that’s yours. The other team members will need to create their own and download from the depot that you set up. A workspace is basically a local copy of the depot, where you work.

sorry for the vagueness. and bajee thanks for the tips.
We hammered on it for a whole night and got it figured out. In regards to the workspaces being local to each machine, then the depot being the master control. With the server playing manager between the two. Took us a bit to figure out a small issue where things were oddly checked out but after a security change, we were able to make things work fine. Sorry for the hassle, and thank you all for the assistance.