Perforce and map editing

With my project, we’ve got two people learning level design. We’ve designated both of them to make separate rooms, but they will be connected when the playable demo is complete. My question is, can two people edit the same map at the same time (via the same umap file and perforce workspace), and if not, can they each work on a map file and then we can place their geometry together eventually? How does this workflow work?

Hi Ohmk,

Only one person can work on a specific map at a time, but you can create multiple separate sublevels and work independently on them, with both levels loaded into a third map that neither of you would typically have checked out.

Go to Window…Levels, which will open the Levels panel. From there you can right-click and choose Add Level to create new empty levels for you to work in. You’ll probably want to set them to Always Loaded.

Michael Noland