Perforce and Asset/Folder Creation

I’d just like a little clarification when it comes to adding new assets to the unreal project in my local perforce workspace. When someone else on the team, for example, creates a /Hallway/ folder inside Props, and drops assets inside of it, then marks for add and submits on the P4V interface. I then ‘get latest revision’ of the depot and see the files download into my local workspace. When I boot Unreal, the folder isn’t there and neither are the assets inside (obviously), even after connecting to Source Control.

My question is, should we even be using the P4V interface to get the latest files? What settings can we use to make this approach work more seamlessly?

Also, second issue we’re having now. I made a blueprint for a spinning fan. I checked out the level and added the blueprint to the umap. I saved the file and checked it back in via P4V (how can I check in levels through the UE4 editor as well?). My friend downloads that submission but the blueprint fans are not placed in the level. What am I missing?