Perfomance Problem -> FAndroidDeviceDetectionRunnable [0x2620] - UE4.24.3 Source

Hello i have a big perfomance problem in my game and one of the problem is the “Android Device Detection Runnable”- Process … does anyone know how to fix, delete or disable this feature?
I dont use Android in this project, i disabled it also in the “Supported Platforms” Menu but it runs constantly in the background when i play my game …

Can someone please help me? :confused:


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I have the same issue in my 4.25 VR Projekt. luklew10 have you selved the problem? Can Somebody help?

Noooo! Are you kidding me … :'D I downloaded today the 4.25.4 Source and hoped that this version solved the problem … :frowning: Please tell me that the problem isnt there anymore haha

I hope someone can help us !

Been having spikes related to FAndroidDeviceDetectionRunnable in 4.20 myself. What’s strange is it only just recently started happening, and I haven’t done anything to the project. It causes freezes periodically, particularly when a certain blueprint based enemy is in the game. I’ve done nothing different with that blueprint, as it used to work perfectly fine before. Can’t find any help regarding this issue online. =/

Hello, did you manage to fix it?

As i know, nobody who I know fixed this issue … since i started this thread, i have this problem :confused:

Expand it, and if it’s just stalling then it’s a red herring. Find what’s taking up time that is NOT stalling.

Usually this is not a problem but during game is getting bigger, gc will be happened more frequently. yes this is not a good thing to have it if we don’t build for android then it should be plugin that is able to disable it easily. for now?

Goto AndroidDeviceDetectionModule.cpp and find a member function ‘run’ in FAndroidDeviceDetectionRunnable and then disable this.

if (LoopCount++ >= GAndroidDeviceDetectionPollInterval || ForceCheck)
	// Make sure we have an ADB path before checking
	FScopeLock PathLock(ADBPathCheckLock);
	if (HasADBPath)

	LoopCount = 0;
	ForceCheck = false;

Hey can you be more specific with your instructions on how to do this?