PerfectProportion - Easily make everything look better

What’s the point of having the best meshes with the best materials, if you can’t create beautiful scenes? In a time where graphic detail is gaining importance, is easy to forget the bigger picture.

How tall should that building be? In which part of the corridor should I place this decorative painting? Are all the parts of this laboratory coherent?

Well, here’s a tool to easily answer all that questions! Place two points in your scene, and, using the distance between them, find the perfect length needed!

The tool allows you to set 2 points in 3d space, either by using a 3d widget, moving them to existing actors or setting a world space for each. Then, you can set as much horizontal divisions as you like. A division of 0.5 will create a point right between the points; a division of 2 will create a point outside of the two points at the distance between them; a division of -1 will do the same in the opposite direction.
Vertical Divisions will do the same vertically. For example, a vertical division at 1 will create an horizontal line which will form a square with the lower line. You can also set as many vertical lines as you want, and they can be negative or above 1.
There is a tools panel which allows to:
-Set the bluerprint’s origin to Point A
-Set Point A to the blueprint’s origin
-Automatically rotate the blueprint actor to make diagonal lines horizontal
-Create divisions both horizontally and vertically, for easily dividing a distance in (for example) 5 parts

Images speak louder than words, so here is a video:

In the first part, you can see how I use the tool to find a golden rectangle (height is 0.618… times the base)

In the second part, the tool is used for finding a third, a half and the golden point of a distance.

Last, but not least, I show how it can be used diagonally, having control over its rotation.

Now, tell me: What do you think? Would you use this tool? What should I add? All feedback apreciated!

This looks like it would be really handy for archviz and VR! :slight_smile:

You may want to edit your thread title and write a blurb describing the tool a bit more.

I followed your advice! Now there’s a more solid description, eventhough I can’t edit the title D:

What would you like the title to look like? I can edit it for you.

Something like PerfectProportion - Easily make everything look better

Thank you! By the way, still haven’t got much feedback. How would you use this tool? What should I add?