Perfectly timing footstep audio with meshes foot contact

I’ve seen a number of questions on footstep audio but nothing this specific that I could find.

Basically, I want to know how to make the randomised footstep cue I have to play when the character meshes foot hits the floor, so regardless of movement speed, the cue doesn’t play at the wrong time.

I’m wondering if there is a way to attach a socket to the meshes foot and play the cue based on contact with it or something? Or a collision box?

Is there a simpler way? Thanks!

First make your random footstep cue. Then open up the walking animation and look for notify section. Right click on the notify section and add sound and adjust it to the animation for when you want it to play along with the animation.

In your case as soon as the foot hit the ground frame.

Or you could do a raytrace from the bone of the foot skeleton and see if it hits the ground and when it does cue your sound effect

I’m pretty new to skeletons and bones etc, where would I do this blueprint? In the character BP that the skeleton is added to? How do I reference the bone? Thanks!

Apologies I’m new with animations and skeletons etc, where exactly do I find the notify section? And what specifically do I adjust? I appreciate the response :slight_smile:

Scratch that, I found the Notify part and figured it out! Fantastic!

I’m very happy how simple this is to do, pretty intuitive to use it, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Scratch that, SkeetonYu’s suggestion worked great once I figured it out. Thanks again though for helping :slight_smile: