Perfect Tile System - Do you guys want this for the Marketplace?

I’ve been working on a system to generate tile variations using a single tile mask and normal map at 256[SUP]2[/SUP] pixels each, and a noisy grayscale “tile map” at 256[SUP]2[/SUP] pixels (or less). The system has plenty of features, including a glass shader with Subsurface Scattering and parallax distortion on the grout texture, a dual-color algorithm that lets you turn one texture into two parameterized colors, emissive settings for glowing titles, tons of support for tiling options (including rectangular tiles, stretching, and dividing), and a cheap falloff occlusion to hide the grout lines at oblique angles. The entire system is scalable, so all of these features (and more to come) can be turned off to save instructions.

I’ve already made 20 presets with this system, but I plan on making at least 50 good ones before releasing it all on the marketplace. It will include all assets, including masks, normal maps, and uncompressed tile maps, as well as the master material and 50 preset instance materials. I’ll also include a user guide and tutorials to help you make your own tiles with this system. In the future, I plan to incorporate texture overlays for the tiles (useful for bricks and scratches), using maps to use solid and glass tiles, maps for metallic tiles, and more.

I’m thinking of selling this for $15. Are you guys interested?