Perception Sight not updating

I’m following along with your Make Game Ready AI tutorial and I’ve noticed with 4.13 preview (which I chose to upgrade to because 4.12 having a bug with perception.) has an issue with AI sight not updating on a physics actor. It usually registers where the object was at on spawn but the debugger only shows that point and not any point afterwards. Not sure if bug but thought I’d toss this out to you guys.

here’s a visual representation.

I’ve attempted to reproduce this issue in a clean project, but my perception is updating correctly on a physics actor. Could you please reproduce the issue in a clean project and provide a detailed list of repro steps we can follow to reproduce it on our end?

Roger. Let me fiddle.

yeah I was able to replicate the issue. this is with the 4.13 preview. on a new blank project. If the physics object is not moving, it registers the first spot it’s at. when the physics actor moves. no more registration of the perception on sight.


So the steps I took was using the props provided by the AI training stream.

I created an actor out of blueprint. added a static mesh. used the apple. added a AIPerceptionStimuliSource. auto registered it. set it to sight. then I called the blueprint node

Register Perception Stimuli Source. set it to sight, applied “self” to target. and of course set to simulate physics on static mesh.

Added it to the world, with a pawn that has a AI controller(BP) with an AI perception attached. and the teams were all highlighted, so it can grab all teams. no other steps.

Okay So If I set the static mesh as the root component of the actor, it actually works. Meaning replacing the scene component with the static mesh and keeping it Movable fixed the issue for me. Not sure if this is the intended result/required steps?

It is because inside the blueprint the physics actor is falling, but it is not updating the parent(=scenecomponent) because it is a child. If the parent = the physics actor it will update the location of the actor.

that makes sense. I thought about it after I had posted it and said to myself “idiot.” lmao.