Perception Neuron to Maya Scripts - Free Download

Hi all,

4 years ago, after I bought my Perception Neuron Mocap suit, I wanted to speed up the animation retargeting in Maya, and instead of using HumanIK, I created a script that allows the retargeting from the Perception Neuron skeletal Hierarchy to the Unreal Engine 4 standard skeletal hierarchy ( i.e. Mannequin and Paragon Characters ) in just a click.

There are two scripts:

One does a 1:1 retargeting, while the other one doesn’t take into account the XY movement, so that the character is “locked in place”.

You can download the scripts here

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this!! I have no idea what inspired you to help out the rest of us in such an incredible way but I am very, massively grateful. I’ve already tested it out and it works PERFECTLY! I had been wrestling with this for quite awhile (particularly given skeletal differences, etc) and this made so much difference.

Thank you again!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: