Perception Neuron + Axis Neuron FBX import to Unreal

Hey all, my team recently received the Perception Neuron 32 Alum Set and we’re having a blast with it.

However, we’re not huge fans of the BVH plug-in import method since BVH isn’t fully supported by Unreal. We’ve created a mesh that allows you to directly import Axis Neuron fbx animations. Then you can easily re-target it to your models from there.

This is a good option for anyone that doesn’t need live tracking in Unreal. We haven’t tested other programs yet, but assume you could use our model in any other program (3ds Max, Maya, Motionbuilder, Blender)


If anyone is interested, we’ll put it up on the marketplace for a few dollars.

Sounds great! I’m interested.

@popawheelie We’re fixing a couple bugs with the fingers and creating a completely redesigned avatar that looks a bit better than Noitom’s.

Any compensation from this will go straight to my team’s rent as we try to program new tools. What do you think would be a fair price for the avatar, say 5 variations, and full documentation/an instructional video?

Yes please!

Is this available and if so where can I pick this up? I would be more than willing to throw a couple bucks your way.

Is this available and if so where can I pick this up? I would be more than willing to throw a couple bucks your way.

Hey catalejo and Z,

Really appreciate the interest, we actually finished the core of the file parsing to get the animations into Unreal back in December, but we’re currently designing the Noitom-esque avatar set.
They’re going to look much more polished than the Axis Neuron avatar.

We didn’t think there would be much support in the community for this, so we’ve had it on the back burner, but if we get a large response here we could put it up in the next couple weeks.

1) Is there anything in particular you’d want other than the target skeleton, variations of the skeletal mesh, and a tutorial series how to use them?
2) What would you consider a fair price (this would go towards us further developing our game and creating tools for PN)?
3) Is there a platform you would rather purchase the asset off than Epic’s Marketplace?
4) What skeletons do you plan on re-targeting to (we’ll include this re-target in our tutorial)?

Like I said, if we get more community interest we’ll prioritize it over our current development.

1) That would be a plus but I’m not sure if I would utilize them. :slight_smile:
2) I would easily pay $30 for a simple solution to getting Axis Neuron animations on my characters with different skeletons.
3) I would buy from the market place or a webpage. Maybe the people from Perception Neuron would promote it?
4) Plan on re targeting to the Mixamo 65 bone standard skeleton. It’s what our characters are based on.

Really appreciate all feedback. :slight_smile:

Just as an update, we’ve fixed some of the small bugs we were having with the hands (caused by skin weights), ruled out a lot of methods that won’t work (like a script converting Mixamo rigs into Noitom’s so you can export animations designed for Mixamo characters), and are currently finalizing some of the meshes we’ll be distributing.

I really dislike plug-ins, especially when collaborating with source control, so we’re aiming to provide just the skeleton you’ll need to import your animations and several variations along with a video or pdf tutorial on how to quickly and accurately re-target to your own model.



Also, a new video imported straight in to our rig (no re-targeting). This was done in 10 minutes with a scene in construction, so ignore all materials/lightmaps.

Very cool. When are you thinking about releasing?

Okay, new update

The avatar skeleton and mesh is complete and rigged. We noticed some issues with the hips translations though, so we’re looking into solving that before release.

The asset will be for sale on our company page for $15 here (still under development). It will be accompanied by a full tutorial i’ll do describing how to retarget onto different skeletons (like Mixamo’s).

As soon as we solve the hip translation error, it’ll be available. I post here when it’s up.

@popawheelie @catalejo @Ore-Creative

Asset is available

If you go to our “Shop” tab @ you should be able to purchase everything you need to get your own FBX animations from Axis Neuron to Unreal. I go over how to properly retarget to avoid issues with differing skeletons.

Here is the full tutorial on how to use our asset as well


Started using it today and its seems to be working as described. No complaints here. Worth every penny. :slight_smile:

my arms and certain joints are coming out flattened/seems like a weight issue… any idea how to fix?

Are you changing the skeleton preset in Axis Neuron?

i havent changed the skeleton it is under Default size etc. This is what is happening