Per vertex alpha fade out of ribbon particleSystem?

Heya, I have my ribbon particles set up so that I can change colour and alpha in blueprint but it affects the particleSystem as a whole, not fading out the newly spawned area. I’m using Scale Color/Life in my particleSystem and setting the parameter name there which I make accessible as an instance parameter in my blueprint.

It seems some instance parameters aren’t available (as not all modules allow you to set particle parameters), if somehow I can get size over life to work instead of alpha over life that’d be ok too.


Ok so maybe I wasn’t clear enough… I’ve added a fancy image to show what I’m trying to go for. The problem is that the only ways to stop emitting a ribbon particle trail I know of right now means switching the whole thing off, rather than slowly die off.

So the orange ball is traveling to the right with a red trail (the upper image), once the trail stops emitting (the lower image) the closest part should quickly fade off (or just cut off emission right away would be fine) and the whole thing then slowly die off. Hope someone knows something. :slight_smile:



At this point I’m guessing it’s not possible without altering the source code…

Anyhow, I gave up and did it differently - I just scaled the particle system down to 0 over 1 sec and deactivate it afterwards. It works alright as a substitute.

I spoke too soon - the scale alters the full path as well, not just the newest particles.