Per Object motion blur

I’ve just recently played KH3, on top of it having stunning visuals and amazing special effects (Particle effects etc) which I can do myself I noticed that during the cutscenes Per Object Motion Blur is in effect or at least certain objects have motion blur separate from the camera motion blur (Or lack there of). I know it’s possible to write a shader for Per Object Motion Blur but I am not a programmer by any means. I’m currently developing my game entirely in Blueprint. I was just wondering if POMB or something similar to it is available in UE4 or will be in the future. Correct me if I’m wrong but I couldn’t find it in UE4 4.21.2 and anywhere online (The closest I’ve gotten is someone informing me that I could make a shader for it). Sorry if this waste yall’s time I don’t really know to write stuff like this.