Per Instance Component Transform Widget

I have looked for this answer, but did not find anything suitable.

I want to know, if there is a simple way I can get a transform widget, for a (hidden in game or not) component, in the editor, so that I can translate and rotate etc… the child components for a blueprint, in the editor.

Some of my blueprints need some collision boxes moved and rotated a little different for each one.

I have solved this by adding a publicly editable transform variable to the blueprint, and then manually setting the values for this , and then using a construction script, setting the component transform, obviously, this is tiresome, I want to be able to select an instanced (i.e in editor) blueprint’s component, and then to move or rotate it for that instance, easily… The slider widgets on the edit transform for a variable is not user friendly for moving stuff around in editor.

Ah, I was not looking in the right place.

Found the answer here:

Looks like I can use: ‘check Show 3D Widget’, if I make it a vector variable, maybe it will also work for Transform variable.