peppermint and building the source

i am running peppermint 6 and the source is not want to build nor is the ut4editor

i did get the first build to run after some downloading and linking

but for some reason when i read the wiki on building it on linux and it say’s that the editor should be in the folder Engine/Binaries/Linux but it is not there

and if i don’t use the -clean argument i get so many errors that it stops building



The deranged one

i get errors like
“runtime/core/public/math/unrealplatformmathsse.h:38:34 error use of undeclared identifier ‘X0’”
“runtime/core/public/math/unrealplatformmathsse.h:38:38 error use of undeclared identifier ‘X1’”

does this like 20 times and quits

and this is on building the editor

Yup I’ve got the same issue. I’m about to try with an older version.