Pendulum Physics Props

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Physics Environment Assets incl. Newton Pendulum


  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Seesaw Pendulum
  • Orbit Pendulum
  • Spinning Top
  • Sand Pendulum (single and double pendulum)

Playable Demo:
Download (Win64)


  • Showing some chaotic oscillations and non-linear dynamics possible with the UE4 physics system
  • Fully Physics based and interactive
  • Sound (Newton Cradle)
  • Collision
  • Custom Speed Setting + Scalable
  • Interchangable Meshes
  • Easy Material Mapping
  • Various Settings per Pendulum
  • Blueprint code of the pendulum handles impulse- and energy-conservation to simulate the real-world kinetic behavior

Video 1 - Zen Garden:

Video 2 - Old Library:


Google Photos
Google Photos

Versions: UE 4.19+

Have fun with this collection of physical based mobiles and chaos physics on your desk

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Looks amazing, great job! Do you have a downloadable to try before buying?

Thank You very much :smiley:

Here we go with a playable demo!

(LeftMouse to poke/start the Pendulums)

Tested this out in 4.27 and it works great. Does this also work in ue5?

doesnt work at 5.0.3