Pending Kill: server side error/warning


Not sure if this is the correct one, couldnt find one for dedicated server issues, but since the game is made in blueprints… yeah

Attached you’ll see the issue

Pt 1:
My PC: phps work fine, people can register and even if they do open [ip/port] it kinda enters aswell
VPS: phps had issues (they were not sending back the json to the client with the status/answer to continue). for example, when creating an account, it “would” create the account but the client would never receive back a mesage, saying ‘account created’ and switching windows.

Pt 2: real issue?
I ended up setting the raw_data in the php.ini to -1 like it said in the warnings. Even though it kinda works I believe there might be an issue still.

Basically, if I play on MY PC it works perfectly: I can enter, other computers can enter with no problem (phps work aswell).

However, if I move the server to the VPS it doesnt. Right after hitting join (to enter the game, or doing a open [ip/port] it just gets disconnected and the server.exe displays those errors/warnings.

Any ideas what could this be?



all good, instead of building the server, rebuilding it did the trick… seemed like a dif. version from client