Pending Kill Error! Spawned Tower would not shoot Projectile At Enemy in a Tower Defence Game

Hi guys, I am in need of some assistance in fixing a blueprint for projectile shooting in a tower defence game. What I have found to be a problem inside my game was that of if i place the tower inside the game before playing it, it works just fine. However, when I play the game and clicked on the button which I have set in the UI, the tower did spawn on the map, but it did not shoot any projectiles towards the enemy. Would anyone have any idea what the problem is and where it lies? Before, an error came out in the message log saying something along the lines of failed to obtain the enemies array and something pending kill before showing that the problem was the set world rotation node." (If i manage to get the error up again, I will edit the post and show the exact message log).

Below I have attached a picture of the Tower blueprint of when the spawned tower is inside the map. The one under that is that of the same blueprint but when the tower was placed inside the level before initiating the game. The difference between the two I think is that of the length of the Enemies Array. The spawned tower one managed to have a 0 value which caused a false output on the branch.

Spawned Tower Blueprint

Pre-Placed Tower Blueprint

Also within these two towers, I have created a targeting component which targets the enemy found. They both again came out with different results. I’m not sure how to explain the problem but the image are below.

Spawned Tower Targeting Component Blueprint

Expected (Pre-placed Tower) Targeting Component Blueprint

And down here is a picture of the UI event graph that I used to set the tower placement button in case anyone needs this information to solve it.

So yea… if anyone would be able and are willing to help and need more information regarding the blueprints to help pinpoint the location, please ask me because i’m really desperate to get this done as it is my major work for my High School Certificate. Thank you all in advance for reading and helping me solve the problem. Thanks :slight_smile:

Are there anyone who knows the solution to this problem?