"Pending Approval" for 3 weeks, is this normal case?

I submitted a product on April 7th, then received an support mail said I will be informed when Epic start reviewing the product. Now 3 weeks past and my product is still “pending approval”. Is it supposed to be that long?

UPDATE 5/10 : Epic started reviewing my product around May 1st. In this 10 days, I received 3 change request, after I submitted the change, they review it in about 2-3 days, quick response overall.

Yeah, this can be normal, especially in these times with the virus going on. They will probably get back to you next week.

Thank you. BTW your Superhero Builder Kit looks cool. Is it on mareketplace now?

Hello. I’ve also been waiting over 3 weeks for my new assets to be accepted.
But yeah, i think the same like you Falthar, because of the virus.
(sorry for that bad english :D)

Hey, did they start reviewing your product? It took about 4 weeks for mine to get started.

Mine took about 4 weeks.