Penalty for using functions to make blueprints easier to follow

To achieve the effects I want in the HUD (and other places), I find I am reusing all or most of the variables.

This can become visually messy and hard to follow. But if I put content into functions and link input to Return Node. I can daisy-chain these functions, which simplifies the main blueprints, making them easier to follow and trouble-shoot. This is especially important if I change the variable values for subsequent use.

Before I commit to the function approach, I’d like an idea of the performance penalty.

For example, I need to redraw some textures:


I am reusing OffsetX, OffsetY and Scale. But if I put the DrawTexture into a function, the function is messy (but understandable) and the main blueprint is clean and easy to follow.

Does anyone have an idea of the performance penalty for this approach?