Pen/Tablet zooming and movement


Ive recently started using unreal editor and as I am always using a wacom tablet and pen for modelling im finding a couple of issues when using it with unreal. For example, how do you zoom in and out without a scroll wheel? I`m having to use the Num +/- keys.
Also, when I drop into play the level the tablet mapping only works for 180degrees rotation from one side of the tablet to the other. I think this could be a dual screen issue. So wondering if there was any way around that.



Anyone help?

I use the same controls as in Maya - ALT+RMB to zoom, ALT+Drag to orbit, ALT+MMB to dolly.

If you visit the Editor Preferences page, under Viewports there is a command to invert the middle mouse pan feature. If you’re using a tablet, I highly recommend this, as it makes it more natural for Maya etc users.

Thanks, that does work but unfortunately doesnt in the orthographic views top,front,etc. Then the only way seems to be with the +/- keys or a mouse wheel. Any ideas?

Any other ideas?? Its really annoying after using say alt+pen button to zoom in maya , but theres nothing in Unreal. This only occurs in the orthographic views.