Pelvis locked in place after importing animations from Mixamo

Hello everyone! I am pretty new to UE4 but have been having so much fun learning new stuff! I am having some issues with my animations importing correctly. No issues with the rig and have uploaded the ue4_mannequin_skeleton to Mixamo. I have set the pose properly and adjusted the auto mapping correctly. I also set the retargeting settings to “Animation” on the root and the Pelvis with the rest of the bones set to “Skeleton”. I was running into issues with the height not being correct with the animations and read somewhere that you should remove the mapping on the root and just have the pelvis as the root… But now the pelvis is locked in place and the animations cannot turn or fall to the ground. Any help would be appreciated. I have attached a GIF for reference.

This is a “Turn Right” animation.


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Did you find a fix?