pedestrian bots for urban planning visualization, can buy any asset we need

Project Title: Commercial street

Description: model for architecture visualization, urban planning, need add pedestrians in our model dressed as normal people with a random behavior but just walking around walking by the street and enter or stopping in some shops.

Team Name:
We are not a company jet, just some freelance archViz working together

Required: needed pedestrians. Bots IA that walk inside the model, and that can support a hundreds at same time, or just give the feeling that everywhere there are many people. The street is 900m length and 60 width, and need to seems not empty. depending on the complexity and quality of the system you can provide us we’ll pay between 500-1500 US$

we are settled in Shenzhen China, but presential needed, we can work online.

Additionally, need a library of meshes, textures and animation for the bots, don´t need to be exclusively or designed for this project, but we need the right to use it legally but we´re happy to buy from any library you can recommend us.