Peasantry - An Action RPG

HiveMind Games is a brand new studio looking to make an Action RPG that is a bit different. The focus will be on generating dynamic stories and questlines. You’ll start as a peasant in the Middle Ages and depending on your choices remain one or be swept into a grand world of peril and opportunity.

I’m currently looking for all possible roles as I am the sole developer at the moment.
Come find me on discord:

Bonus if you can setup and run a perforce server.


We now have 2 concept artists and a modeler. We could use programmers, UI artists, and environmental artists.

All good as far as concept artists go. Looking for 3D artists, and UI designers.

Can’t recommend this person, I think he’s a **scammer. **

He was in my team for a short while back when we were relatively early on, was pleasant to talk to but messed people about a bit, never got anything functionally done, played around a whole lot and pointlessly tried to delay work or something. Within just a few days, despite my polite attitude (which was wearing), he disappeared without a word. No explanation or anything. Very disrespectful in this way of behaving, and needlessly so.

Honestly, if you want somebody reliable to work with, you’re going to need to look somewhere else.

It did seem a bit dubious as it mentioned on mouse over his profile pic “Charles is the founder, and has over 15+ years of programming experience.” and nothing to show for it. Although “scammer” may be not the right term - “hapless” perhaps. Sadly this forum is filled with ideas-men and time-wasters - thanks for the heads up Solo.

Hi fellows, can we keep discussion limited to interest in the position? If you have personal issues I’d be willing to discuss it with you, but please don’t derail my ad. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Added another programmer. Still looking for 3D artists.

LaneRendell (Charles) worked for my company for ~6 months and did a substantial amount of work on the product we were developing. I can say that he isn’t a scammer and does have the experience. As for Charles being disrespectful and disappearing - out of the time that I’ve known Charles he has been nothing, but polite and professional. Sure he’s went afk without saying anything, but who doesn’t from time to time? We all have things going on outside of game dev. As for showing your experience doesn’t necessarily mean having finished products to share with people. I’ve worked on numerous things over the years that haven’t even made it to my resume or portfolio.

Ok, thanks for the recommendations. I disagree however that your portfolio shows nothing except 15 years experience and not one scrap of game related demonstration when you open a game design company and decide to recruit on good faith alone. When you are recruiting for a royalty based project, you are pitching your concept as that is determining factor if it will succeed, and therefore get paid. Empty website placeholders tell us nothing except you haven’t got a good idea yet, and haven’t even started.

Lost a programmer today, so looking to replace him. Still good on concept artists, need 3D artists, UI artists, and a community manager. Cheers guys!