Pearl Directory?

I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find the Silica Pearls location in the Ark Dev Kit.

If anyone can help me I will send you good vibes and a thank you. <3

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Close! I think I’m looking for the Static Mesh/Foliage Settings, the ones that can be placed in the Map.

I’m guessing if you search in the content browser for “SiliconHarvestComponet” it will probably be referenced by the foliage/resourceObject that it is attached too.

Search for SiliconHarvestComponet
Right-click and choose “Reference Viewer” (should be near the bottom of the menu that pops up)
Identify the object that is using it (most likely you are looking on the left side. Since the right side will probably just have the PrimalItemResource_Silicon)

I just got the most generic items I could find, wasn’t sure what you were asking other than where the pearls were at, and they are known as silicon.

if you are asking about the static mesh for resource placement, I believe it’s just called clam, or oyster. Something like that. At least that is the one I’m using.
I can’t look right this second because my map is compiling.

That’s what I thought too @Nanobot but for some reason I’m missing it. I even put them all over my old map, it’s as if the directory changed. I’ll keep digging though, thanks for any and all advice! <3

Will do [MENTION=287493]Hugo the Dwarf[/MENTION] Thanks!

Just found it, it’s seemingly misspelled as Oyser (without the T, unless there’s an old-timey oyster dinosaur fish thing called an oyser)

Oyster put me in the right direction though, so thanks :slight_smile:

Oyser for the mesh and seashell_03_settings for the foliage settings