Peak - Looking for Blueprint/C++ Programmer

Greetings! Me and my team are currently looking for someone who is skilled in C++ and Blueprints within Unreal Engine 4 to join our project and help out with developing our game - Peak. I’ll try to keep things short and simple in regards to what we need exactly and such

Peak is a survival game that takes place during the Ice Age, or Pleistocene Epoch, thousands of years in the distant past. Survive as our ancient ancestors as you adapt and thrive in a world far different from the present day. Use your intellect to outwit carnivores, build villages and families, organize coordinated hunts, or explore the vast Pleistocene environment. Adapt, survive, and thrive.

We are looking for a programmer who is skilled with using Ue4 and both C++ and Blueprint. This is due to our current programmer who uses a combination of both C++ and Blueprints (With a preference for C++ in particular) for our project, so having someone who has the same skill sets will make integration into helping our project and adding new content (and finding bugs) much more easier.
We are also looking for you to have the ability to program various aspects within the game. We currently are in need of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to be developed, but other things that will need to be created or edited include player systems, damage, weather, and so on.

The Kick-starter
This project is intended to be Kick-started in May of 2018, roughly 1 year since we started development. This essentially means if you are looking for paid work and are not willing to wait, then this is not for you. I will be unable to compensate you until the Kick-starter.

Our current team
Our current team consist of myself as the Lead Developer, Tapwing as our concept artist, Fab and Emrakul serving as modelers (Fab being a animal modeler), Kobbart as our environmental artist and also a modeler (He’ll also be working on Graphics and such), Adesi as our animator, Wiktor as our programmer, and finally Giu as our sound developer.
As you can see we’ve got a solid team set up for developing this game, and we are already underway with development.

If you are interested, please email me at [EMAIL=“”], and I will get back to you as soon as possible, or friend me on discord at WildClaw#2487 to talk directly.