Peak & Lean Mechanic Blueprint for 3rd Person and 1st Person cameras?

I’m making a small game that is an FPS. I’m currently developing the game as a 3rd person game right now so I can see the animations and how they play out before converting it into an FPS. I have a 3rd person model with some basic animations for testing and prototyping. I have 2 animations, one for peak and leaning left and one for the right side as well. I have a character blueprint and animation blueprint. I’m trying to get the mechanic to work and also play the animation pose when hitting Q key for left and E key for the right. When you let go, it should go back to idle state.

Anybody have tips or ideas how to get it working? I got the mechanic input working, sort of, I created two capsules on the left and right side of the character and use character movement vector and timeline in the blueprint to make the character lean left (just focusing on the lean left first). It’s kind of slow and also the camera can rotate around the character once you lean left which I do not want it to do so. Also, there are no animations playing at all. It’s very awkward. Similar games that does this mechanic is Manhunt by Rockstar and Rainbow Six Seige.

Here are some screenshots: