Peace & Quiet | #BetterLightThanNever

Peace & Quiet (final update)

Student Submission:

Credits to sourced content:

  • World Creator
  • Sky Creator
  • Brushify Mountains Pack, Environment Shaders, Natural Roads
  • Megascan assets
  • Animal Variety Pack
  • Cabin free 3d model from 3dSky

Editor Screenshots:

Still Frames:

I wanted to create something that conveyed a mood of peace and relaxation, which was something I always loved about nature and its landscapes.

I used World Creator to generate the terrain, and then figured out where I wanted to place my shots that could create an interesting composition.

Brushify was used for the terrain and already did most of the heavy lifting as a starting point. I changed out the materials and some of the original assets to use ones from the Quixel Megascans library, which was used largely throughout the rest of the scene as well.

Unreal Version:
Unreal Engine 5


That cabin on top of the mountain is just gorgeous. You’ve done a marvelous job at both leaving the forest looking “intact” but also explored. Every shot is stunning and gives a sense of utter bliss.

Thank you for sharing your work and goodluck in the competition. It looks great!

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