PDF Reader into UE4 Enterprise

Hi there,
​​​​​​While many clients are asking about integrating pdf document reading directly into VR (BIM view or Training, products datasheets, signed documents), i would ask to enterprise section if it’s possible in any way (not only conversion of tons of images) to render PDF stream.
waiting for any idea.

As a temporary alternative you can use the web browser inside a UMG, and use chrome built-in pdf visualization, so that you’re seeing the pdf from a webpage.
Never tested, but it should work with PDF, give it a shot :wink:

Yeah, we tried to understand if chromium cef embedded can render docunents such as PDF (i think it’s present also a plugin called webui html+JSON) so is quite simple to add into…but I would like to understand if someone has already tried some procedures or if it can be implemented

I tried using it with youtube and a static html5, and it’s almost perfect via UMG and UI…but for PDF I can only see a white page…hope i’m wrong with something…or I have to understand howto manage cef chromium inside ue4…

I just played with this a bit over the weekend. Using UMG and the web browser widget, I shared a cloud storage link to a .PDF and used that as the URL for the widget in-game.

It displays like you would expect it to, but I’m not sure if we can get the resolution in VR to be able to read text at a comfortable distance. Going to try to mess with the PD a bit and see how it goes.

It’s working to me too, both using Unreal UMG and BLUI, I scored better results using PDF.JS plugin: I dunno why the Chrome CEF randomly don’t displays at all documents, while using mozilla JS Plugin, always works as expected.
For the VR resolution, I think it’s just to adopt better solutions while using it more and more…