PCG with a Procedural Mesh

Is there a way to sample procedural meshes? If I add a PCG component to a BP with a Static Mesh, and then inside the PCG Graph connect the In > Sampler it will know that it should scatter points on to the static mesh. However, if I try the same thing with a Procedural Mesh component in my BP instead of a Static Mesh, it doesn’t work. Do you know a way to sample a procedural mesh?

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Hey, I’m also interested in learning how to combine Procedural Content Generation and Procedural Mesh.

This is somewhat helfpful, but the use case here is still different from what me and the OP are asking (presumably). The approach described in this video still needs a landscape that is the initial “Source” of the PCG Graph.

What we need is a node in the PCG Graph that takes a procedural mesh as an input and samples points onto it. I will continue searching and keep updating if I find anything.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, using a World Ray Hit Query node into Surface pin of a Surface Sampler node worked for projecting the points onto a procedural mesh for me.

credit: How can I project points created with PCG onto meshes? - #2 by ClockworkOcean