PCG Settings Asset and references?

In the PCGDemo_Ditch PCG Graph, the nodes that are spawning the points from other Level instances, using the PCG Settings Asset somehow reference the level instance that corresponds. How is that done? Name matching? I dont see in the PCG Settings an asset to plug in and reference?

hi @ridley075 ,
In 5.2 go to File → Plugins in the search bar type “Procedural” and tick enable all the Procedural Content plugins.

Follow the PCG course and Example in
Building your own Environments - Electric Dreams Environment: Unpacked (epicgames.com)

I know how to enable the pcg framework. Just wondering how the connection between the PCG Settings Asset and the Level instance works in the Electric Dreams demo.

hi @ridley075
I am not sure if this is what you want but the connection method is described in

From the document this is given and Ii assume the same method for a PCG Asset

To connect a PCG graph to your PCG component, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Editor viewport or Outliner, select the PCG Volume or Blueprint Class that you want to connect.
  2. In the Details panel, click the PCG Component.

see also in documentation
Level to PCG Asset Utility

I was also struggling to understand how this connection is made.
The manual page mentions ‘Level to PCG Asset Utility’
This Scriptable Asset creates ‘PCG Settings’ asset from a Level. Drag the ‘PCG Settings’ asset into a PCG Graph and connect to the Mesh Spawner - see the PCG_Ditch example.
If you want to substitute a Mesh you can edit the Level and remake the Settings File or drag a new settings file into the PCG.
The manual page for this is: