PCG, How to create points on two mesh intersecting edges?

When two models overlap, there will be intersecting “edges”. I want to take points on these edges, such as those marked by the orange lines in the pic above, including those on the back of the model.
Any one know how to do this with PCG? Thanks

Off the top of my head, have you considered using mesh distance fields?

Don’t know how to use it, could you show me some toturial to do similar functions? I don’t even know how to get distance field information in the blueprint

There are tones of tutorials on youtube but what it boils down to is you enable it in the static mesh and it will create an invisible, inverted “glow” around all of your object. you can then play around with that in materials multiplying the values together to create effects around objects where they intersect.

Youtube covers it pretty thoughly. just search “UE5 distance field”.

You can see the effect here: Unreal 5.1 - Nanite mesh, Two Way Dynamic Gradient - Distance Field AO - YouTube at about 2:57

You may have misunderstood my meaning. I want to get line or point data and use it in blueprint or PCG, rather than just drawing a line for visual effects

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