PCG Electric Dreams Spline Example Texture Problems

I’ve started diving into the electric dreams demo and wanted to understand the system as best as possible and how the team at epic were putting such cool thing together. I’ve been in the Spline Example breakdown level and have had issues with getting textures to show up correctly on the assemblies that I’m inputting into the graph. It just defaults all of the meshes to the WorldGrid Material

Even using the example graph from the project and just changing out the Assembly PCG setting I still get this problem, but it works fine for the project assemblies. Debugging shows that it has the material info, I wondered if it has to do with the static mesh spawner which is set to mesh selector by attribute. If anyone can explain how mesh selector by attribute works and how to possibly fix my problem I’d be really grateful, thanks!

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It was referencing the source assets material rather than the override material

Solved this, large assembly get past this by using the By Attribute Material Overrides on the the Static Mesh Spawner, give it the material attribute tag and it works


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