PC upgrade 32GB of RAM or 64GB?

I’m upgrading my set up for Unreal Engine and need RAM advice please.

These are the parts I’ve ordered for my rig,

Palit GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro 8GB

Aorus B360 Gaming WIFI motherboard


Corsair CX850M

LG 98LS95D 4K 98" LCD

HP Reverb G2

All I need to order now is Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM sticks.

Would you buy 4x8GB or 4x16GB?

Will it make a difference?

Definitely will make a difference. 64GB will make your rig last longer and more stuff loaded into RAM will reduce the access to mass storage, which by the way you didn’t mention. It is a good practice have a SSD (around 480GB is enough) for the Operating System, another SSD for all the tools (including UE) which might be a SATA SSD (1 or 2TB are safe bets) and you will want a NVMe SSD of at least 1 TB for project files. If that added cost is too much, you can have your tools into a regular hard drive and a SATA SSD for the project files with those much storage space mentioned.

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The board supports two M.2 SSDs. If I’m using the first M.2 for project files, what would be best to use the second M.2 for? Would the PC be faster if Windows was on one of the M.2s?

Windows will boot faster if it resides in one SSD and several temporary files created by several applications (UE4 included) are created on the OS drive. You need to check first if your motherboard support boot from the M.2, if it does then you are good to go, but still a regular SATA SSD will do the trick fine and it is guaranteed to boot. You can have tools loaded in one M.2 and project files on the other one, which I think is way better.

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