PC to Phone preformance profiling

Hi so I’m trying to get into profiling. Running on a blank project with a character blueprint to run around.
My FPS smoothing is turned off and I’ve setup an option to set sg.ResolutionQuality from 10, 50, 100 to check the change in the performance and indeed gives me an obvious comparisons. I’ve also used stat units for frames and game monitoring.

Now with my initial test I’m getting more than 400FPS with a standalone mobile preview and standalone game and get even more than 700 to 900 FPS if I lower down the resolution. This is a blank project not really that much to render other than the light sources and the single plain.

Now I’ve done the test with my phone as I’m targeting the android platform. My PC have a decent hardware but my Phone is just a Google Pixel 1.

I get way different result with the FPS counter. I’ve packaged it with android atc and with the highest resolution I only get 60 to 65 fps. Even if I lower the resolution I still get 60 to 65 fps. I’m not sure if this is accurate or not as this is acting as if the FPS smoothing is turn on. Or is it just my phone (Pixel 1) is just really slow?

We’ll I’ve done some research to realized that 120 FPS is not yet a thing on mobile devices and getting 60FPS is something to be grateful about., :smiley: