PC specs to run UE4 flawlessly?.

Hi, it seems like I need to upgrade my PC to start using UE4, it’s a 5 years old pc after old, I was going to, eventually :p.

I saw the requirements, but you know how requirements work, sometimes you need a bit of extra something to really run the app/game flawlessly, no matter what the required spec says.

So, my question is, what PC rig would run UE4 flawlessly?, what is your experience?.

I was thinking something like:

  • 4770k
  • 16gbs ram
  • GTx780/R9 290
  • a fast SSD.

Would I need more?, less than that?.

Another thing, I currently have a good old Dell 2407WFP, is having 2 smaller monitors better?, I know that for programming it is, but no idea about UE4 usability.


I personally would recommend 32gb of ram. I recently upgraded to 32gb as I was running out of memory under certain circumstances when using 16gb of ram with UE4. As for the GPU. Either of those cards will be fine. I have a NVidia Titan Black and an AMD R9 290X and both run UE4 perfectly.

Hey there!
I currently have a 4670k, 660ti (soon to be replaced), 8gb (soon to be upped), and 2 SSD’s. With these specs I can easily work in UE4 without much of an issue, framerate does dip during some scenes, but overall it works pretty good. SSD is pretty much a must have these days, it speeds things up so much. Before I used a 1tb WD Black HDD with the same system spec’s and the difference in speed is huge, so aside from a better video card, this is one of the best upgrades to make for UE4.

That will run UE4 really well, but if you can afford it I would recommend going for the 980, it’s not too much more expensive (I think it is less than the 290 isn’t it?), but well worth the upgrade due to the features, and it uses less power - way less than a 290. I use 2 SSD’s (2x256gb Kingston) and one HDD for storage currently, SSD 1 has windows and all programs installed, then all my game data and code on SSD 2. It is a bit overkill, but works great for me, everything runs really fast.

If possible I highly recommend it! Having two screens saves so much time, work on a blueprint on one screen, have your viewport open in the other, as well as having other programs open, such as a youtube tutorial, following along on the other screen. It makes everything so much simpler, I don’t think I could go back to using one screen now, in fact I am thinking about getting another one. :stuck_out_tongue:

To compare some of the other users PC sepcs, have a look at this thread, it is a performance survey done by Epic:

A quick note, remember that Windows 7 Home Premium only supports 16GB RAM maximum (just in case you were getting that rather than 8.1).

Also, I’d go for the 290x, rather than the 290. Very important difference! :slight_smile:

Definitely get the second monitor (and you may well find yourself hankering for a third). But stay at 1920x1080 per screen.

Get an SSD of at least 256GB. A 128GB will start to run out of space, if you also have Windows on it.

What you have listed will definitely run UE4 flawlessly. My set up is the same, except I have a Titan, instead of a 780Ti, which is very similar.

You can still get Windows 7 and have a high limit. Windows 7 Professional and above supports 192GB. Windows 8.x supports 128GB with Pro and above supporting 512GB.

I run on a low-end system at home. It’s a 2008 mac pro (8 core Xenon 3GHz), 24GB RAM and a HD7750 (2GB). This works fine.

That should work great.

I’m running a 4930K and 32gb RAM and it works perfectly. I’m still using an old 7970 and have had no problems with it yet.
I used to only have 12gb RAM which is way to little if you want to run multiple heavy applications at once.

I know. It’s why I specified Home Premium. But thanks for clearing that up for others. :slight_smile:

Q9450 @ 2.66GHz
GTX660 2GB

To be honest, this run’s everything quite well. Had to ditch VS2013 in order for the C++ compiler to not run out of heap memory, but so far it runs pretty smoothly.

Quad Core i7 3.4ghz
Asus GTX 660Ti Direct Cu II Overclocked 2GB GDDR5
8gig DDR3

I’m not sure about fps here but All projects and content I’ve downloaded from the Marketplace runs perfectly smooth and looks beautiful.

I have a license now to brag, literally a dev subscription license. This beats Unity by far. Its faster than Unity. I found Unity to have too many limitations when it comes to large amounts of scripts in the scene. Sometimes its impractical to give every object its own script, even though it would seam logical at first.

Unreal Engine is awesome. Very impressed and well worth the weight in gold.

I have been waiting for an engine with this quality and detail to come out in for 15 years. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait any longer or, worse yet, write it myself since everything I’ve been teaching myself over the years was going to lead up to that point.

Unreal just saved me a **** load of time and many ways not to “make a light bulb”. :slight_smile:

A billion thumbs up!!

I would ether go with a new GTX970, or used R9 290 if you want best bang for the buck. With the new 970 and 980 that just came out they will be what you want over any 7xx series.

Thanks for all the input.

My current Ati 5850 is having some issues right now. And I only have 4gbs ram and not an SSD. All running with a i5 750@stock.

I think that an upgrade would net me a better experience.

(Also a second monitor is… almost required to fully enjoy UE4, too much money :P)

Amusingly enough it is possible to still get enough memory that Windows 7 Ultimate won’t cut it. Kingston makes 32GB sticks and some Intel boards have eight slots for 256GB of RAM. Microsoft must have thought 512GB was a very decent upper limit but we might hit it before too long. :smiley: - Kingston DDR3-1866 32GB

I’m actually running the same CPU, I’d deffers upgrade RAM and GPU first as I haven’t run into any issues YET with CPU performance. (except when I OC’d to 3.8Ghz because I was sick of Lightmass and something went very wrong, but ti’s okay now).

Do want.

I haven’t had any issues yet with 16GB and I run a VM at the same time. Now I’m scared :eek:


I used to run UE4 in a i5 25K, 8 gig ram, ATI HD Radeon 6790 Saphire and it worked fine. Only a few lag in the effect cave demo.

I now run UE4 in a i5 25K, 8 gig ram, XFX HD Radeon 6870 Black Edition(One card only) and it runs flawless. That is a card from 2011!!! I can even have the Cave demo open and my own project at the same time. I do see some minor crashes(after like constant use of 8 hours plus) but mostly due to driver issues or playing with the fbx animations.

You won’t need a huge rig with 16 gig plus ram. Older cards are fine and with an i5 or i7(or equivalent amd cpu) you should be fine. Of course I am not making an MMO with huge open worlds :slight_smile:

It all depends what you are making I guess.

I’d go with a GTX 970. Unbeatable for the price. I have one and it just kicks butts :slight_smile:

Showing off!:smiley:

I noticed that when applying materials in the materials editor, it takes ~2 seconds to apply them, is this because of lack of GPU or CPU power?.

I’m talking about a brand new material, just changing the color of the preview (the sphere top left) to another base color.