PC specs for Arch VIZ

What spec did you guys recommend if you are doing Arch VIZ?

The best cpu you can afford
As much ram as you can fit in
The best gpu you can afford
and a ssd

i7 and 32gb of ram would be the minimum for a dev today. 32 will helps a lot when it’s baking time. 4-core and 6-core cpu too.
Gpu of course with as much ram as possible. The newest cards are cheap for what they are and they come with 8gb in most cases.

Good build :

core i7
32gb ram
gtx 1070 8gb or 1060 or radeon 480 if on budget.

My spec :

core i7
16gb ram (I can easily full my ram when baking a scene)
gtx 980 4gb (sometimes I run out of memory when I activate too much eye candy in my scenes at the same time)

Hope it helps

Well said.

My only point - You can always go with XEON path if it’s an option for you. Buy a dual XEON processor motherboard, start with one CPU (if on budget), upgrade to another one when you feel comfortable (It’s always cheap to add another CPU then buying whole computer) and ECC RAM is always beneficial.

Also if you are interested in VXGI, dynamic lighting, and/or trying to avoid baking lighting, get a standard 4 core i7 and a GTX 1080.

Hi! i’m currently with this specs:

Intel i7 6700k
32gb DDR4
gtx 1070
SSD 500gb

It’s very efficient, but when you say, “use as much ram as you can fit”, it is really relevant for developing?. Currently DDR4 it’s not cheap, and at leats in my country 32gb of ram costs 300 dollars.

If you want to use VXGI then you don’t need as much RAM. If you want to use baked lighting then it needs the RAM to store all of the geometry and textures to build the lighting, so if you don’t have enough then it will crash. However, most Archviz scenes aren’t large like open world games, so most likely 16GB will be enough

I don’t think anyone would specifically build a pc for vxgi though. Vxgi is not arch-viz ready at all.

I know ram might be expensive. 16 is ok but 32 will give more lattitude imo. Like I said, I have 16 and I use 100% of my ram when I build relatively small scenes.

And if you want to do offline rendering, vray/corona for example, many people have 64, 128 gb of ram because the scenes are infinitely more complex than in unreal (for architecture).

It depends on what your use is–if you don’t care about showing your archviz project in real-time and just want to make animations and image renders then it’s a great choice because you can turn up the quality and even if it’s not fast enough for real-time it will be much much faster than a Vray render or baking the lighting in Lightmass. I think for most people, the quality of VXGI is just fine, and having it really quick without having to set up lightmaps is a huge bonus.