PC Spec usefull?

So my girlfriend wants to volunteer for Free Geek. When you Volunteer 24hrs you get a free pc. And she want to be a Programmer with the knowledge of multiple scripting languages such as HTML and C++

Here is what you get

FreekBox Specs

Adoption and Build Volunteers take home computers fitting these specifications.

Intel: Core 2 Duo Processor
Full-size, Mini or Micro tower
80-160 GB harddrive
DVD-RW optical drive
onboard or 128mb PCI-e video card
onboard or PCI sound card
onboard or PCI 10/100 ethernet card

Is it worth the Time and effort to get a free PC with these specs. Would it even run any type of Scripting tools other that Notepad C++ such as Microsoft VS 2013?

I’ve used VS 2013 Express to build the C++ script for Unreal Engine 4.1 Took 1 hour to compile on my pc.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but pretty much nothing recent will run on that.

1GB memory will limit you to Windows XP and even then ouch. The rest of it sounds like a machine I have at work and well it runs XP and Word, can browse 1-2 tabs open in chrome and that is about it. It can barely even do that lol.

A real IDE like Visual Studio would be out of the question if you want a recent version.

Yeah I thought as much. But no worries. I plan on using it in an experiment with an Mineral Oil submerge system. Better ruin it than the pc I have now.

It is old parts but I think MathewW exaggerates its suckiness a bit :slight_smile:

It will run Windows 7/8 ok and be useful for most everyday stuff. VS 2013 will be a problem and UE4 is of course out of the question. But there is a lot of coding she can learn using it. (A memory upgrade, even just to 2 GB would be very useful.)