PC shuts down and restarts on Project Launch (4.21, 4.3)

On one of main computer, I get an instant PC reboot once I launch any project, new or old. It will show the project, but then after about 3 seconds my machine reboots.
I’m not sure which log files might be useful in figuring this one out.
Thanks for your help

Windows 7 Pro
Intel i7-3770
32 GB Ram
GTX 780 Ti

Hi Pocopelo,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue, but this does not actually sound like an Editor crash, but rather like you are experiencing hardware failure.

Does the editor shut down, and the CrashReporter window appear, before your computer restarts?

Have you tried updating your video card drivers?

Does your computer give you a Blue Screen before it restarts? Can you determine any error message from it? (Here is a forum post on how to freeze your computer on the BSOD before your machine restarts: http://www.tech-forums.net/forums/f9/how-make-bsod-stay-screen-so-i-can-read-103079/)


Thanks for the reply Stephen,
I did try a couple different versions of Nvidia Drivers without any success. I also tried un-checking the system recovery option to not automatically restart, but it does anyway. The editor will load a project and within a few seconds go straight to blank screen and restart my machine. Are you thinking GPU hardware failure?

It definitely sounds like the issue is with your GPU. It might be overheating and shutting down to protect the hardware. I experienced the same thing on one of my workstations. Try cleaning out your computer, particularly the fan on the graphics card.

Howdy Pocopelo,

Sorry to hear about the issue that you are currently having. Would you be able to provide your DXdiag for your PC so that we may investigate the issue further?

Also, this link is explaining common signs and symptoms of a failing Computer GPU: Signs & Symptoms of a Failing Computer GPU | It Still Works. Please let me know if any of these issues are occurring when attempting to run UE4.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hey Sean,
Attached the Dxdiag. Let me know if that is what you need.

link text

Thanks for the log files! Where you by chance able to glance at the site that was linked? If so, have you experienced any of those symptoms with your PC?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Sean, the only real anomaly I’ve been experiencing is that every few days one of my 3 monitors flickers. Otherwise I’ve been running intensive 3D software like Maya etc. just fine. The card is rather new so I doubt it’s clogged up with dust, but I might try and re-seat it now, thanks

Just wanted to check in with you and see how the Re-seating of you GPU went. I have asked around and the only crashes that has been noted are crashes with call stacks shown. Be sure to let me know when you get the chance.


Yeah re-seating the GPU didn’t help. Think I’m giving up at this point on this PC. Thanks for your help.

Hey Pocopelo,

Sorry to hear that the GPU was not successful with fixing the issue. Have you by chance checked the Computer Power Supply? With the Engine being so GPU heavy at the moment, it is possible that the GPU is trying to get power but the Power Supply could be having an error.

You may want to check this out before giving up. Again, sorry to hear about the issue and I hope this helps!

I found the answer for my problem! I have tried to update my graphics drivers a while ago but I just randomly quit it while it was installing. Now I downloaded the latest graphics drivers and everything works fine!