PC setup, improvement?


I’m getting started with UE4 and need some advice:
At the moment I’m not sure about my PC equipment, whether i should wait to change some parts or just get them now.

Bought this PC last year, because I were too lazy to build one my self, and it’s cooling system is actually pretty good -> ASUS ROG CG8480-DE003S

PC Setup:

CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K, 4x 3.50GHz
RAM: 16GB (4x 4GB)
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

I was thinking about to change the graphics card to GTX 770, mby getting 2x 8gb (so i got 2 free slots for another 2x 8GB if I want em).
It should be a general question, not just for UE4, also for gaming, general SW development and stuff.
Graphics Card runs everything on high right know and everything is fine.

What do you guys think, should I wait and change some parts next year(mby getting cheaper)?


If you want to upgrade your graphics card, wait until later this year, Nvidia is likely to release their next round of graphics cards then.

It’s really not a bad system at all, more memory will help if you want to do very large maps and need to build lightmass. If you’re looking to upgrade other components Intel will be releasing their Broadwell processors later this year as well, and at the high end there will be the Haswell-E processors, though those use a new chipset and faster RAM so they would be much more expensive to upgrade to.

You should be able to run it pretty well with that.

also got 128gb ssd, missed that one :>

thank you for the comments.
yeah, I think i’ll wait until end of the year/next year and gonna buy new parts then.
Mby I’ll also build a second pc with the components which I won’t need anymore


Yeah, if you want you can network another computer and use it to speed up lightmass rendering.

oh, i have no idea how that works :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s easier to test multiplayer stuff and so on, it’s always good to have a second one :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen one thread, here in the ue4 forum, that ram disks would also be an option.
They should be much faster than both, ssd and hdd, but I’ve never used one.
What do u guys think?

I wrote that thread. It’s worth it if you have the RAM to spare. Just download a RAM disk software and try it out, most of them are very easy to use.
I have noticed a significant speed in heavy tasks such as saving/loading large maps or softwares.

About your setup, it should work great with UE4, I used a much worse system a while back and it worked pretty great as well, but I upgraded recently(i7-4930k 32gb ram) so I could run more heavy, content creation softwares at once and compile shaders quicker.

Your PC is pretty much already capable of running UE4 and developing with it effectively. I use have an i7-4770K and GTX 650 Ti Boost - significantly weaker than the 660 - and achieve an average fps of 60 on the elemental demo and as low as 30 fps on the most intense scenes. As someone else mentioned, you should probably wait if you are looking to upgrade the GPU.

thank you all for the informative comments :slight_smile:
I’ll wait with upgrading my PC and try these RAM disks.

Make sure that your version of Windows can deal with more than 16GB of RAM, otherwise you buying 2x8GBs sticks will be a waste of money. (E.g. My Windows 7 Home Premium cannot.)

RAM limit is mostly dependent on your Windows bit version, meaning 32-bit cannot exceed 4gb, 64-bit can go much higher (32gb RAM will work on most systems, any higher is dependent on your motherboard’s specs). EDIT: Also on your windows version, sorry jezcentral I did not realize home premium limited you like that… I thought he was upgrading from 4gb, my bad I didn’t read the whole thread. :slight_smile:

So make sure if you want more RAM, also upgrade to 64-bit Windows if you do not already have it.

I’m using Windows 8.1 64bit atm (updated from Windows 8 pre-installed when I bought the whole PC)