PC restarts when I try playing in editor

I made a simple interactive text screen in Blueprints and after I compile and play in editor, it restarts my pc. I’m no expert on Blueprints but I don’t think it would restart my pc if I did something wrong, would it?

Not sure if this is the right screen but I took these photos

Look like you getting BSOD (if it happens exacly wneh you do play in editor), because BSOD became infamous sign of MS failures MS decided to hide them by default since Vista by automaticlly restarting computer. In order to see whats wrong, we need exact info in BSOD, (error type and numbers in it). Go to System settings then advance system settings then "startup and recovery and inside there will find “Autoamticlly restart”, disable that. Then try again with editor and if you get BSOD write down error type and all numbers that apper there (look like memoery addresses in hex), or simply take a photo. Info about BSOD may also apper in System logs, you can find them by right clicking My Computer and click Manage, you will find logs there.